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Specializing in Digital Nomads and Entrepreneurs

Our Lawyers are specifically tailored for Startups and Digital businesses that are founded by Entrepreneurs who may be digital nomads. We are the only Lawyers in Malta that service this niche. We’ve regularly traveled along with other nomads across the world and understand that digital nomads require tailored expert support. 


Why we are different?

Startup Consulting

Access to the Malta ecosystem for startup funding, networking, and investment.

Legal Plan

Set you up with the EU’s best structure for a Limited Liability Company.

Tax Advice

Our accountant is familiar with digital business models and can streamline your taxes.


Malta’s best law firm for Startups and Digital Nomads

Who better to consult with startups than a law firm that is based on the values of

”By Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs”

We have founded numerous ventures in Malta and now wish to be an active part of the thriving ecosystem.


Our team

Russel Attard Baldachino

Maltese Lawyer

Luca Arrigo


Relationships that Cross Borders

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