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Investment Migration for Startups and Digital Nomads

Citizenship and Residency for Startup founders, Entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads

Welcome to Malta

Malta is an Investment Migration paradise the innovative policy just makes it easy.

We are happy to announce that we are the first organization that is aimed at targeting Digital Nomads and Entrepreneurs who wish to plant flags in Malta.

For investors wishing to migrate to Malta and applications for the Malta Citizenship by exceptional services. Investment Migration Malta is your starting point.

Through our experience working with people from all over the world, we are here for your startup to legally get access to the best jurisdiction in the EU.

Island Life

Sun, Sand, Sea and a buzzing startup scene go hand in hand. Fast economic growth paired with a beach-friendly lifestyle.

Free Healthcare

For Residents of Malta, healthcare is free. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Malta’s hospitals were never over-run.

International Airport

Strategically located in the heart of the Mediterranean, travel to all major cities in Europe and the middle east is 1 flight away.

Investment Migration | Entrepreneurs | Startups | Digital Nomads

The launch of Investment Migration Malta for Entrepreneurs, Startups & Digital Nomads


Go from rural Gozo to bustling St Julian’s. Home to music festivals and yoga retreats.

Expat Community

22% of the population is an immigrant.

Food & Drink

Italian influences in the language, culture and cuisine.

When I searched for the best country to register the EU operations of my business, Malta was by far the best. Exceptional job setting up a Maltese company to service my Dutch clients.

Sergün Ajans

Luca was able to quickly include me into the Startup Ecosystem of Malta and his network of lawyers and accountants helped me with all the legal planning.

Orkun Elgün

I moved to Malta to work remotely in 2020, Luca introduced me to professional real estate agents and helped me understand which residency program is best for me.

Rabia Yılmazer

Relationships that Cross Borders ®

Interested in Malta as your investment migration destination?